From the oceans, forests and fields of Tasmania.
Genuine aromatic Tasmania bitters, an artisanal infusion of the finest ingredients. Steeped with natural botanical herbs and spices, bitter gentian root and unrefined whole panela cane sugar. Small batch steeped, blended and bottled by hand. An essential cocktail ingredient, natural soft drink flavouring, cooking and preserving seasoning, condiment, traditional folk remedy, tonic and digestif.

Mountain Pepperberry [Tasmannia Lanceolata]
Native to Tasmania’s rainforest and woodland, the aromatic leaves and berries of this shrub have distinctive peppery spice that builds in flavour. Rich in antioxidants with wonderful tonic properties.

Southern Ocean Kombu [Lessonia Corrugata]
Native Tasmanian kombu is found only in the pure invigorating waters of the Southern Ocean. Prized mineral and umami flavours from the king of kelp are woven with butterfly pea and nettle.

Cascade Hops [Humulus Lupulus Cascade]
Grown in Tasmania’s picturesque Derwent Valley, the verdant bouquet of cascade hops attracts a kaleidoscope of butterflies. Fresh herbaceous botanicals are enveloped in lemon and pine.

Sweetheart Cherry [Prunus Avium]
Plucked from the valleys of Tasmania’s famous orchards, the sweetheart cherry is plump with love. Sweetly flavoured cerise marries perfectly with rosebud and blessed thistle.

Garden Quince [Cydonia Oblonga]
Gathered from the gardens of Tasmania, this golden fruit of paradise is brimming with exotic quince perfume. Rich, heirloom spice and musky fragrance are entwined with orange blossom, grapefruit and chamomile flower.


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